briztreadley is a website and a podcast about cycling in Brisbane, south-east Queensland, maybe even as far afield as northern NSW.

It’s a place for me to tell stories of why I ride, and why riding is good, and to listen to other people’s stories.

Jean Bobet was a pro racer in Europe in the 1950s. He rode in teams with his much more famous brother Louison Bobet, the first man to win three Tours de France in a row. Jean Bobet released a memoir of his racing days and his relationship with Louison, titled ‘Tomorrow We Ride’.

The title gives a hint of how cycling can be at the same time all about routine, the mundane and the banal, and yet still be fulfilling, life-affirming and just a whole lot of fun.

‘Tomorrow We Ride’ refers to the Bobet brothers going for a ride together every Sunday (when possible) for their whole adult lives. There is partnership, companionship, tradition, affection, brotherliness, mateship, friendship.

I have found that even when not a word is said on a bike ride, there can be togetherness and belonging. All in the simple act of getting on a bike and pedalling along the road/trail with another person. It is quite simply one of my favourite things to do.

If you have a story about why you like to ride, I would love to hear it. The Who? page lists some ways to contact me.

— Andrew Demack