Nothing like a Kombi to make you smile


And here is Episode 13 of the Briztreadley podcast for 2016.

  • To cover the World Cup mountain biking in Cairns, we cross to our woman in the rock garden at Smithfield, Cathy Peel
  • As the Eagles almost sang, “There’s a new trail in town, everyone’s talking ’bout it”. Hayden Lester chats with Jamie Borg chat about Kombi, over at Ironbark Gully.
  • And we have a look forward at the Giro d’ Italia and start to get in to the groove for Bike Week.

Hosted by Andrew Demack.

Cairns World Cup preview edition!

Troy Brosnan, Australian downhill champion, training on the Cairns course.

Troy Brosnan, Australian downhill champion, training on the Cairns course.

Here’s a short special edition of the Briztreadley podcast, previewing the mountain bike World Cup round in Cairns this weekend. Thanks to Mike Blewitt (editor of Australian Mountain Bike magazine) and Imogen Smith, friends of the podcast, for their input into this preview.

Some places online where you can find out more about the World Cup:




The un-Brisbane episode: Derby, Victorian rail-trailing, Roubaix

A cutting on a rail trail ... this is on the High Country Rail Trail somewhere between Bonegilla and Tallangatta.

A cutting on a rail trail … this is on the High Country Rail Trail somewhere between Bonegilla and Tallangatta.

Here’s Episode 11 of the podcast for 2016. Much thanks to Ashley and Alix Everton, Eleanor Jackson, Kaleb Griffiths, and Hayden Lester, for all their excellent input in this episode.

Stories from:

  • The rail trails of north-east Victoria, especially the Murray to the Mountains.
  • The National Marathon XC championships in Derby, Tasmania
  • The cobbled classics in Europe.

Human Power and an Inhuman Bike Race

This week on Briztreadley, episode 6 for 2016 …

Andrew Demack and Chris Welsh have stories of unusual bikes in unusual places.

We start with Hayden Lester’s reports from the weekend’s downhill enduro action at Hennessy Hill. Then we move on to discover the world of high school human-powered vehicle racing, with Paul Hand from Aquinas College on the Gold Coast.

And finally we chat to Troy Szczurkowski, just days before he departed for the 1000-mile Iditarod race across Alaska. That’s some next-level commitment to your bike sports.


A scorcher for the Coot-Tha Burn

Champions aplenty on Mt Coot-Tha last Saturday. Here's one of them, Craig Hinkins.

Champions aplenty on Mt Coot-Tha last Saturday. Here’s one of them, Craig Hinkins.

Lots of sweating involved in this episode of the Briztreadley podcast. Some of it just sitting at a computer, editing interviews. But also …

Chris Welsh, Jordana Blackman and Andrew Demack were all out and about at the Coot-Tha Burn, getting some great interviews.

We talk to Craig Hinkins, Peter Shield, Jordana and Tamyka, Matt Keenan and Robbie McEwen, and of course we enlist Jens Voigt into the on-going quest to bring all koala thieves to account.

That wasn't easy. Tamyka and Jordana smile for Chris Welsh's camera, despite being close to death.

That wasn’t easy. Tamyka and Jordana smile for Chris Welsh’s camera, despite being close to death.

2016 episode 1: Finishing off the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

bvrt for pod

And we’re off and riding for 2016. In this first episode regular hosts Andrew Demack, Chris Welsh and Jordana Blackman are joined on the line by Paul Heymans from the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Users Association, to share some exciting news!

And we chat about the fun and games in RAdelaide.

Bayview Blast and Brisbane’s bike polo scene

Jason English wheelies his way to second place in Elite Men in the 2015 Bayview Blast. Russ Baker photo.

Jason English wheelies his way to second place in Elite Men in the 2015 Bayview Blast. Russ Baker photo.

Hi bike fans, here’s Episode 22 of the Briztreadley podcast, and we think it’s a good one!

Regular host Andrew Demack is joined in the studio by Imogen Smith as stand-in co-host. And they talk about the Bayview Blast, and what’s next for cross-country mountain bike racing over summer, and looking ahead to an Olympic year in 2016.

The Bayview Blast report includes interviews with Tony Hancock (Brisbane South MTB Club president), mens race winner Michael England and runner-up Jason English, and womens race winner Imogen Smith.

And then we have a special report on Brisbane’s thriving bike polo scene. Featured voices are Ollie Wykeham, Jordan Heppell, and Jon Giles. You can tell it’s a special report because there’s music underneath it.

Check out the Facebook page for the Brisbane bike polo folks.

And finally, we finish this podcast with a tribute to our favourite bike-riding poet. So STAY WITH US.

Brodie Chapman: finding flow on the road bike too


Brodie Chapman, in her first year as a road racer, was one of five women to enter this year’s 228km Grafton to Inverell road race. As well as being the first woman to finish, Brodie finished 8th in the C grade race, and was 2nd in the KOM sprint at the top of Gibraltar Range.

Brodie joins regular hosts Andrew Demack and Jordana Blackman for a chat about how riding bikes is awesome.

Also in this edition

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Thanks as always to Eleanor Jackson for our voiceovers, and Alan Brown and Bluetrain for our theme music, ‘Double Flat White’.

I’m too NCXsey for my podcast

Oenone Wood riding through the woods at Nundah, NCXS Round 2

Oenone Wood riding through the woods at Nundah, NCXS Round 2

OK, so basically it was an awesome weekend of cyclocross racing, and I managed to speak to some people.

So here’s a special episode of the podcast, featuring post-race interviews with LJ and Oenone and Vandy and Blood and Chris Aitken. Some interviews by me, some by Robbie McEwen.


Thunder down Nundah!! Millburn takes dramatic Round 2 in Qld NCXS weekend

Garry Millburn leads Chris Jongewaard over the barriers.

Garry Millburn leads Chris Jongewaard over the barriers. Pic by John Peters.

Garry Millburn (NSW) won a dramatic Round 2 of the Elite Mens National Cyclocross Series at Nundah today, beating Chris Aitken (NSW) and Chris Jongewaard (SA) through the application of relentless pressure in the finale.

National champion and series leader Lisa Jacobs (Vic) completed a clean sweep of the weekend in the Elite Womens race, defeating Melissa Anset (Vic) and Oenone Wood (NSW).

The positioning of a double barrier in the lead-up to the last couple of turns before the sprint proved to be crucial in the men’s race, and Millburn handled the barriers faster and better than Aitken and Jongewaard.

Barriers played a major role in the previous day’s race at Nerang, where the two barriers were placed on different parts of the course. Round 1 race winner Paul Van Der Ploeg and Aussie champion Jongewaard both gained vital seconds by bunny-hopping those barriers each time. Millburn and Aitken were dismounting and running the barriers.

But at the Nundah-drome for Round 2, the barriers proved to be the undoing of both Van Der Poeg and Jongewaard.

Much of the chat pre-race revolved around a particularly muddy creek crossing, but in the race all elite riders took the same line at the creek, going a slightly longer, less direct, but safer line.

The risk vs reward equation was different at the barriers.

Early on both Van Der Ploeg and Jongewaard were jumping the barriers, which were spaced about six metres apart. A lead group had formed comprising Aitken, Millburn, Van De Ploeg, Jongewaard, Tom Chapman (SA) and Allan Iacuone (Vic).

But only a couple of laps in, Van Der Ploeg crashed over the bars on the second barrier, catching his back wheel. Van Der Ploeg chased hard throughout the race, but never regained the front group.

Van Der Ploeg’s accident also split Chapman and Iacuone off the back of the lead group, and when it all shook down, the leading trio was Aitken, Millburn and Jongewaard. Iacuone and Chapman raced consistently behind the leaders to finish in fourth and fifth.

Jongewaard seemed like the dominant personality in the leading group. He is a vastly experienced rider, who has won many many races in CX, mountain biking and road racing.

But about halfway through the race, it was Jongewaard’s turn to stack it over the second barrier. He chased the leaders and got back on within about half a lap, and got a big cheer from the crowd when he successfully jumped the barriers the next lap around.

But it was on the final lap that the tactics really came to the fore. Millburn surged to the front, and ran the barriers at full speed. Jongewaard tried to pass him by bunny-hopping, but once again failed to clear the second barrier with his rear wheel. The champ was down, and in the process he slightly impeded Aitken.

So it was Millburn who sprinted clear down the finishing straight to take his first NCXS race win. Aitken finished second and took the series lead. Jongewaard was third.

Local organiser and the local cyclocross crowd are seeing the Queensland rounds of the NCXS as a great success. The racing was of a standard never before seen in Queensland, the courses were designed to make the most of the natural features of each venue, and it was great to see the racers respond so positively.

In the Elite women, Lisa Jacobs turned the two-race weekend into a cyclocross clinic, riding so smoothly and strongly that the rest of the small field had no chance of staying with her. In an interview after the first race, Lisa said that Oenone Wood was someone she looked up to when she (Lisa) first came into cycling, and it was an honour for her to be racing against Wood.

But on the second day, Oenone found it difficult to back up, and said her lack of preparation for the event showed. Mel Anset came on strong on the second day to reverse the previous day’s results and take second place.

The depth of the Elite mens field is shown by the fact that there were two different race winners on the weekend (Van Der Ploeg and Millburn), but even so a third rider (Chris Aitken) took the series lead.

Millburn and Aitken are younger than most of their series rivals, and are well-placed to make this a season-long battle.

Lisa Jacobs is a deadset superstar.

Lisa Jacobs is a deadset superstar. John Peters photo.