Today’s plan: Ride your bike, have fun and encourage women to ride also


So here’s Episode 8 of the Briztreadley podcast for 2015. And just in time, because there’s some time-specific information in this edition.

On Saturday 28 Feb, 4pm, there’s a Chickspiration event that will help fund Janine Jungfels’ UCI Trials World Cup campaign this year. Listen to Jordy and Andrew talk it up, and of course you’re going to go, or at least donate!

She Rides is a great encouragement and skills program for women, organised nationally by Cycling Australia. We talk to Vickie Burr from Redlands about her experience with the pilot program, and why it’s a great way to get more women into this male-dominated activity. Registrations close Sunday 1 March for the current series of programs, so act now!

Mountain bike orienteering … there really can’t be anything more likely to lead to family fun on a bike than that! Ideal for father-son bonding, or mother-daughter, father-daughter, mother-son, sister-brother, or even people who aren’t related to each other. We talk to Craig Steffens about an event coming up on Saturday 14th March. Check it out, it’s FREE.

And lastly we talk to Mark Fenner about Today’s Plan, and Andrew no longer has any excuse for failing to score points in B-grade in the Queensland Cyclocross series this year. Affordable training plans tailored to your needs! How could it go wrong?

The Briztreadley podcast, hosted this week by Andrew Demack and Jordana Blackman, with guests Craig Steffens, Vickie Burr and Mark Fenner.




We like a champion like us, who likes us

Anna Meares is like everyone’s favourite big/little sister.

I want to remind you of how cool Anna is, by linking to the interviews on Helmets Are Hot from this time last year.

In which she said by email to Eleanor: “I have a dragster bike my husband bought me for our wedding anniversary and I run my beagle on it but otherwise I don’t do anything else like mountain biking etc which I would love to so as not to put myself in a position to crash and cause unnecessary injury.”

And then this interview this morning on ABC tv, where 5 minutes into the chat, when the reporter is saying ‘What about the Olympics in Rio in four years?”

And Anna says ‘I need to have a break. I want to do the things I’m not normally allowed to do because I’m a klutz and accident-prone. I want to try judo, I want to try cyclocross …’

Anna, from one accident-prone klutz to another, you are welcome to come along to the cyclocross race at Ipswich on Saturday 18th August. Or Murarrie a couple of weeks later. Would love to see you there.

So NOW I’ve heard of Hughes

Simon Hughes’ frame no 1.

If you cast your mind back to my entirely non-comprehensive (and some might even say incomprehensible) report on Pushies Galore, you will recall that I used this photo, and the caption read (in part): “I don’t know ANYTHING about Hughes as a brand/marque.”

Well it’s always good to learn something new, isn’t it.

The reason I didn’t know anything about Hughes as a brand is that the frame pictured is thus far the only one. Simon Hughes hopes to make some more. Have a listen to the interview I recorded with him on Monday.

keeping track of emerging forms, styles in journalism


Just to note that Eleanor’s long-awaited interview series with gold medal Australian track queen legend & Rocky girl Anna Meares is featuring at the moment on Helmets Are Hot. And it’s good stuff, of course.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4*, Part 5.

* warning: impossible analogy attempted in this post. not suitable for men on cholesterol-lowering medication or women with low iron counts.