Cos if you can do a nose wheelie, you should

New Danny Macaskill videos seem to come out at a faster rate these days. It could be one a week and I would still celebrate every time.

The old ones are still good. This post is for me, so I don’t have to search youtube when I want a blessing from St Danny of the Church of Macaskill.

Super fun at Mt Joyce this morning with the Daisy Hill crew. Love love love the trails out there. And with a teeny little bit of post-Epic fitness, it was even better! It’s nice to get to the top of those mega climbs and still have enough oomph to go fast on the downhills. A couple more weeks then Coffs.

Bovine Groove trail at Mt Joyce. And of course thanks to OutdoorGaz for the pic. Good to see you again Gaz!

Wednesday’s Wednesday crew: ODGaz, Michael, Neil, Sparky, Dean0, Jody et moi. Rich is taking the pic, so he’s not in it!