What does it take to be a dedicated bike rider?

Bryan 'Eddy' Ferris ... more than 50 years as a club cyclist.

Here’s the 19th episode of the Briztreadley podcast … back after a short break!

Jordana Blackman and Andrew Demack catch up on what’s been going on, and contribute one interview each …

  • Jordy interviews Valentina Scandalora, Orica-AIS racing cyclist, about her successes on the road, and what it takes to be a pro cyclist, and what needs to change for women’s cycling.
  • Andrew interviews Bryan ‘Eddy’ Ferris (above) for our Local Legends segment. He’s been a member of Hamilton Pine Rivers Wheelers for more than 50 years.

Thanks as always to Eleanor Jackson for her voiceover work, and to Alan Brown and Blue Train for our theme music, ‘Double Flat White’.

Want to get in touch? email: feedback@briztreadley.com … we would love to hear what you think Jordy should ask on our next planned interview, with Loren Rowney.

It’s like Christmas in July

… for those of us who enjoy everything about bikes, that is.

Our Man in Stanthorpe Owen Ronalds made the trek to the city for Pushies Galore today, and took out the Made in BNE category with this gorgeous red Hoffy. Hey, wait a minute .... this podcast is Made in BNE as well! Maybe we can enter the podcast at Pushies Galore next year!

Our Man in Stanthorpe Owen Ronalds made the trek to the city for Pushies Galore today, and took out the Made in BNE category with this gorgeous red Hoffy. Hey, wait a minute …. this podcast is Made in BNE as well! Maybe we can enter the podcast at Pushies Galore next year!

Here’s a quick special episode of the Briztreadley podcast (no 18, but who’s counting).

Your regular host Andrew Demack chats with Nicholas O’Donnell about the first week of the Tour, and what’s coming up next in the Pyrenees and later in the Alps. It’s already a great Tour, and there’s so much more to come.

So much more to come from Briztreadley as well, if I can only make it through a very busy week ahead!!

Print your own mtb and see the world!

Detail of James Novak's 3D printed prototype bike frame.

Detail of James Novak’s 3D printed prototype bike frame.

This week on the Briztreadley podcast with Andrew Demack and Chris Welsh …

  • Our in-studio guests are Mike Blewitt and Imogen Smith, mountain-biking power couple. We chat about riding and racing all over the world, trends in mountain bike design and marketing, and so much more.
  • Dave Hoswell faces down his fear of bears.
  • And Chris Welsh brings us an in-depth interview with the creator of the 3D-printed bicycle frame, James Novak.

PS … Couple of minor sound issues in this ep. Hopefully it doesn’t detract too much from your enjoyment!

Mike, Imo and your genial host Andrew. Not in the usual Briztreadley studio this week!

Mike, Imo and your genial host Andrew. Not in the usual Briztreadley studio this week!

CWRB takes over the BVRT, and two ladies face a challenge to build hope in Uganda

Emma Sunley and Sue Boyd ... facing the challenge!

Emma Sunley and Sue Boyd … facing the challenge!

Here is Episode 16 of the Briztreadley podcast. It’s all about the enjoyment we get from riding a bike!

On this episode:

  • The Briztreadley crew are like Scooby Doo and his crew, solving mysteries that have baffled the authorities for hundreds of years!
  • Chicks Who Ride Bikes on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Include Some Honorary Chicks (like Chris Welsh for instance)
  • Emma Sunley and Sue Boyd … they are taking on a massive challenge, for a wonderful cause. It’s the Droplets in A Stream Grand Tour of Hope.

Briztreadley is hosted by Andrew Demack, Chris Welsh and Jordana Blackman. Audio production by Andrew Demack.

Our theme music is ‘Double Flat White’, by Blue Train, used with permission.
Voiceovers are by Eleanor Jackson, who is sunshine on a cloudy day.


I’m too NCXsey for my podcast

Oenone Wood riding through the woods at Nundah, NCXS Round 2

Oenone Wood riding through the woods at Nundah, NCXS Round 2

OK, so basically it was an awesome weekend of cyclocross racing, and I managed to speak to some people.

So here’s a special episode of the podcast, featuring post-race interviews with LJ and Oenone and Vandy and Blood and Chris Aitken. Some interviews by me, some by Robbie McEwen.


Thunder down Nundah!! Millburn takes dramatic Round 2 in Qld NCXS weekend

Garry Millburn leads Chris Jongewaard over the barriers.

Garry Millburn leads Chris Jongewaard over the barriers. Pic by John Peters.

Garry Millburn (NSW) won a dramatic Round 2 of the Elite Mens National Cyclocross Series at Nundah today, beating Chris Aitken (NSW) and Chris Jongewaard (SA) through the application of relentless pressure in the finale.

National champion and series leader Lisa Jacobs (Vic) completed a clean sweep of the weekend in the Elite Womens race, defeating Melissa Anset (Vic) and Oenone Wood (NSW).

The positioning of a double barrier in the lead-up to the last couple of turns before the sprint proved to be crucial in the men’s race, and Millburn handled the barriers faster and better than Aitken and Jongewaard.

Barriers played a major role in the previous day’s race at Nerang, where the two barriers were placed on different parts of the course. Round 1 race winner Paul Van Der Ploeg and Aussie champion Jongewaard both gained vital seconds by bunny-hopping those barriers each time. Millburn and Aitken were dismounting and running the barriers.

But at the Nundah-drome for Round 2, the barriers proved to be the undoing of both Van Der Poeg and Jongewaard.

Much of the chat pre-race revolved around a particularly muddy creek crossing, but in the race all elite riders took the same line at the creek, going a slightly longer, less direct, but safer line.

The risk vs reward equation was different at the barriers.

Early on both Van Der Ploeg and Jongewaard were jumping the barriers, which were spaced about six metres apart. A lead group had formed comprising Aitken, Millburn, Van De Ploeg, Jongewaard, Tom Chapman (SA) and Allan Iacuone (Vic).

But only a couple of laps in, Van Der Ploeg crashed over the bars on the second barrier, catching his back wheel. Van Der Ploeg chased hard throughout the race, but never regained the front group.

Van Der Ploeg’s accident also split Chapman and Iacuone off the back of the lead group, and when it all shook down, the leading trio was Aitken, Millburn and Jongewaard. Iacuone and Chapman raced consistently behind the leaders to finish in fourth and fifth.

Jongewaard seemed like the dominant personality in the leading group. He is a vastly experienced rider, who has won many many races in CX, mountain biking and road racing.

But about halfway through the race, it was Jongewaard’s turn to stack it over the second barrier. He chased the leaders and got back on within about half a lap, and got a big cheer from the crowd when he successfully jumped the barriers the next lap around.

But it was on the final lap that the tactics really came to the fore. Millburn surged to the front, and ran the barriers at full speed. Jongewaard tried to pass him by bunny-hopping, but once again failed to clear the second barrier with his rear wheel. The champ was down, and in the process he slightly impeded Aitken.

So it was Millburn who sprinted clear down the finishing straight to take his first NCXS race win. Aitken finished second and took the series lead. Jongewaard was third.

Local organiser and the local cyclocross crowd are seeing the Queensland rounds of the NCXS as a great success. The racing was of a standard never before seen in Queensland, the courses were designed to make the most of the natural features of each venue, and it was great to see the racers respond so positively.

In the Elite women, Lisa Jacobs turned the two-race weekend into a cyclocross clinic, riding so smoothly and strongly that the rest of the small field had no chance of staying with her. In an interview after the first race, Lisa said that Oenone Wood was someone she looked up to when she (Lisa) first came into cycling, and it was an honour for her to be racing against Wood.

But on the second day, Oenone found it difficult to back up, and said her lack of preparation for the event showed. Mel Anset came on strong on the second day to reverse the previous day’s results and take second place.

The depth of the Elite mens field is shown by the fact that there were two different race winners on the weekend (Van Der Ploeg and Millburn), but even so a third rider (Chris Aitken) took the series lead.

Millburn and Aitken are younger than most of their series rivals, and are well-placed to make this a season-long battle.

Lisa Jacobs is a deadset superstar.

Lisa Jacobs is a deadset superstar. John Peters photo.

Van Der Ploeg sprints to Round 1 win

Paul Van Der Ploeg celebrates his Round 1 NCXS win at Nerang today. Sholto Douglas photo.

Paul Van Der Ploeg celebrates his Round 1 NCXS win at Nerang today. Sholto Douglas photo.

Paul Van Der Ploeg used his undeniable power in the sprint to take the win in Elite Men Round 1 of the 2015 National Cyclocross Series in Nerang today, in a race that many of those present described as the best CX race yet in Queensland.

Van Der Ploeg (Victoria) outsprinted national champion Chris Jongewaard (SA) and rising star Chris Aitken (NSW) after the trio fought a race-long battle.

In Elite Women, national champion Lisa Jacobs (Vic) was smoothness personified as she outlasted former national road champion and road World Cup winner Oenone Wood (NSW) in second, and national marathon mountain bike champion Melissa Anset (Vic) in third.

The Elite Mens race had the biggest and most competitive field of the day with 34 elite and two under-19s on the start line. Race organiser, Gold Coast local and three-time Tour De France green jersey winner Robbie McEwen took to the start line in Elite Men, despite only completing media commitments seconds before the gun went off.

McEwen took the holeshot off the line, but was quickly swallowed up by Jongewaard and Van Der Ploeg. Chris Aitken joined the two powerhouses at the front, and this group were clearly the strongest in the race.

Jongewaard and Van Der Ploeg had technical superiority over Aitken, as they bunnyhopped the barriers twice each lap, gaining a valuable second or two each time, but Aitken’s surging attacks in the leg-sapping grass sections kept the other two fully extended. A couple of times it seemed like Aitken might get the gap, but each time one of the other two was able to respond enough to close it down.

On the last lap, Jongewaard surged past Aitken at the barriers, and was first onto the Nerang velodrome to wind up for the sprint, but the power of Van Der Ploeg was too much.

The second group on the track comprised another veteran and former national champion in Allan Iacuone (Vic), Paul Redenbach (Vic), Garry Millburn (NSW) and Tom Chapman (SA). That group couldn’t be separated for most of the hour-long race, until finally Milburn and Redenbach were able to break away, and finish fourth and fifth.

In the support races, the outstanding ride was in the Masters mens race which was dominated by another top class Australian bike rider, former World Cup winning downhiller Michael Ronning. Ronning, from Queensland, still competes at the highest level in gravity enduro mountain biking events around Australia, despite racing in the 40-45 age group, and his bike-handling skills and his impressive fitness were both on display in a comfortable win.

Round 2 of the National Cyclocross Series stays in Queensland tomorrow, with the race to be held at Nundah criterium circuit. The Nerang circuit featured a “spiral of doom”, and a wall which only the very best could ride. The Nundah circuit will feature a creek crossing which will guarantee that every finishing line photo will be of a muddy rider.

Taking up half the mud! Briztreadley covers cyclocross, and women’s participation in cycling

… and indeed women in cyclocross.

Jordana Blackman rejoins Andrew Demack in the studio for a new episode of the Briztreadley podcast.

Thanks to special guest this week, Brad Norman (driving force behind cyclocross in SEQ), and Emma Best, founder of the Cyclocross Womens Collective, and the person behind the brand that is Bike Bestie.


Things we chat about this time:

As always, please let me know what you think! Email feedback@briztreadley.com, or leave a comment on the Facebook page. Send your smoking hot news items to scoop@briztreadley.com.

A tour of Brookfield, a Welsh local legend, and a Dutch gentleman

Louise Jones ... a Welsh legend on the track and road, now living and coaching in Brisbane.

Louise Jones … a Welsh legend on the track and road, now living and coaching in Brisbane.

Plenty of variety in the Briztreadley podcast this week, with Chris Welsh (from Wales) and Andrew Demack (from Brisbane).

We speak to a local legend, Louise Jones (above).

We discover the link between the cobbled classics of Belgium and France, and the backroads of Brisbane, thanks to Ashley Everton and the Kangaroo Point Cycling Club.

And we chat to Martijn te Lintelo from Nijmegen, about what it is that Brisbane’s (and Australia’s) urban and transport planners can learn from The Netherlands.

Bike events mentioned this week

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S24O to Duck Creek Road

cup_brekky_viewThe best invitations have an element of mystery.

Flyboy Dave posted a grid reference to some of his mtb-riding friends (S 28 11 14.68 E 153 05 46.06) with the invitation to meet him there on Sunday night for a camp out, and ride back to whence one came, the next day.

I plugged the grid reference into Google Maps, and then into Ride With GPS. It was at the top of Duck Creek Road, which is a dirt road back way from Beaudesert to O’Reillys.

Even though I had never been on that road, the idea sounded pretty good to me.

There’s a difference, though, between the idea of a bike ride, and the ride itself.

I know this VERY well. And I also know that every time I plan an adventurous ride, there will be some moments on that ride where I hate it, and can’t imagine why on earth I ever thought it would be a good idea to do this particular thing.

To get to Duck Creek Road, I started at Beaudesert. After a busy (& fun) weekend of church, family and social engagements, I left home around 3.15pm, and started riding from Jubilee Park at Beauey a little after 4.30pm.

With the sun scheduled to cease providing illumination in our part of world a little before 6pm, I knew there was no way I would ride 35km to the rendezvous spot in daylight. But luckily for me, Dave was in the same situation.

Dave left home even later than me, parked his car at Beaudesert as well, and caught me just at the start of the big climb.

Have I mentioned that Dave is really fit at the moment, because he is training for the Tour Divide, one of the most gruelling off-road races IN THE WORLD.

The sun set. A half-moon provided enough light to walk the bike. At riding pace I had a headlight.

We rode & walked the climb together. That is, when it got too steep for me to ride, I got off and walked, and Dave waited for me at the next natural re-group point.

By this method we climbed about 540 metres of vertical in 7 km. That is one of the harder dirt-road climbs in SEQ. I had some bad moments, and some better moments.

We arrived at the best lookout on Duck Creek Road about 7.45 pm. By the half-moon’s light, we could see over the valleys to the south and west, back down to Kerry, and the headwaters of the Albert River, and down to Duck Creek.

It was a spectacular view even when I couldn’t see it. It was better still the next morning.

The view from Duck Creek Road.

The view from Duck Creek Road.

Only a short further climb was required to find our camping spot, which had a sensational view to the north.

Dave set up his swish new Tarptent, I rolled out my shelterless setup (groundsheet, air mattress, sleeping bag). I had a bivvy bag in reserve, but if it had rained, I would have been quite uncomfortable. And wet.

Fortunately for me, the weather stayed fine. There was some food, some chat, followed by some snoring. The next morning, some packing up, and then some more riding!

A great overnighter to finish off an excellent weekend.