All patched up and somewhere to go!

This would look good on your messenger bag. Or backpack. Or motorcycle leathers. Or CYCLOCROSS BATTLEJACKET.

So this is Episode 8 for 2017, right about the time where I start to cash in on all this podcasting, with the sweet merchandising.

By giving away the exclusive Briztreadley patch! (Umm where was the monetisation again?)

We’ve got some good conversation with Jan Stevenson of Cycleway, plus Hayden Lester braved the heat of Toowoomba for the Oceania MTB Championships.

But if you want a patch, post in the comments on Facebook, tagging the person you want to introduce to the podcast for the very first time!


Andrew Demack




Just get out the front door and see the world (part 2 of the touring special)

Back roads touring somewhere near Koreelah, NSW

Back roads touring somewhere near Koreelah, NSW

For the second part of the Briztreadley Touring Special, your host Andrew Demack is once again joined by Jan Stevenson, Sholto Douglas and Emma Best, to talk about making the decision to get out there and see the world.

Also, Hayden Lester reports in from the National MTB Championships at Bright, talking to the first and second placegetters in the womens downhill.

So you want to go bike touring …

Eric and Sholto make it from Lands End to John O'Groats, back in 2011.

Eric and Sholto make it from Lands End to John O’Groats, back in 2011.

This week is Part 1 of our two-part touring special, brought about because your host (Andrew Demack) is about to go rail-trail touring down in Victoria.

And it is Episode 9 for 2016.

So in the studio with Andrew are:

  • Jan Stevenson, co-founder of Cycleaway, a company which teaches adults to ride, runs bicycle education in schools, and also runs tours around South East Queensland, and further afield.
  • Sholto Douglas. As well as being the unofficial photographer for Queensland Cyclocross, Sholto is an experienced tourer, with both a LEJOG and a TransAmerica under his belt. Check out his profile on Crazy Guy on A Bike.
  • Emma Best, who appears as her alter ego Bike Bestie at so many bicycle related events around south-east Queensland that it is impossible to keep track of them all. Touring on her custom Ewen Gellie rigid mtb is how she re-charges for all the other bike stuff she’s involved with.

A journey in the winter sun (part 1)

I’m playing catch-up here, because I have had the privilege of three great weekends of cycling in a row, and, as the headmaster said to the inflatable boy who brought a pin to school, I have let everyone down (by not posting anything about any of it to this blog).

So, let’s go back to Johnno’s June Journey.