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What’s this?

The Briztreadley podcast is Andrew Demack, and his guests, talking about the simple joys of riding a bike. We’re covering the cycling experience with more breadth and depth than you will find anywhere else on the radio or amongst the podcasts. Because we love riding our bikes!

How do I subscribe & listen to it?

The best way to listen to a podcast is on your iPhone or other smartphone, using a podcast app. Every day your podcast app scans your list of subscriptions and discovers whether a new episode has been published, and then downloads your new episodes to your iPhone or Android phone. Then you can listen through headphones or earbuds, or via Bluetooth in your car, or by whatever means you like. I often listen to podcasts while doing the dishes at home, and I listen on a Bluetooth speaker that connects wirelessly to my iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, then you already have the Podcasts app. It’s a purple icon, looks like this …


There are other iPhone podcast listening apps, but the Apple one works just fine. You can subscribe to Briztreadley by using the Search button on the bottom right of the Podcasts home screen.

If you have an Android phone, try Pocket Casts, which is a great app. And you can search & find Briztreadley from within the app .. one of the advantages of having a made-up word as the name of the show!

Subscribe to


Or subscribe with your favorite app by using the address below

Or, you could use Soundcloud or Stitcher. We’re available on both of those platforms, which have apps you can use on your phone, and are also a good way to listen from your computer.

If you have ANY problem with subscribing, please let me know. I’m happy to facilitate.

Where did this come from?

Lots of the same people were previously involved in ‘The Squeaky Wheel’ on ABC radio. Which before that was called The Sunday Spin.

How often are you aiming to publish?

We try for two podcasts a month, or to use the quaint English expression, “fortnightly”.

I want to listen to the show RIGHT NOW, right here on this page.

Well, OK. You’re pretty demanding though.

This show sounds so good that I want to sponsor/advertise/partner with you:

Great idea! Email [email protected] and we can talk!

I’ve got an awesome story to tell about bike riding. You should interview me/my friend/my nephew/my bike-riding dog!

Love to hear about it. Email your story ideas and your amazing news items to [email protected] Send your feedback about the podcast to [email protected]



4 thoughts on “The Briztreadley Podcast

  1. Thanks for continuing to do the news segments, Andrew.
    And for the shout out on episode 22 which I am just listening to now.
    Keep up the good work

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