The Briztreadley Podcast was a thing.

I’ve downloaded all of them from back in the day, and will sometime soon assemble a list here in chronomologicalist order.

But for now, I’ve reanimated my Soundcloud, which is where the Briztreadley pods were/are hosted.


The Briztreadley podcast ran from January 2015 to October 2018, so we did nearly four years of shows.

It came about when the regular spot I had on Saturday morning radio on the ABC came to an end.

And Chris Welsh, the ABC announcer I had worked with, had also left the ABC. And so I hosted a new show about cycling, and invited Chris to be part of it.

We had a fine time, chatting about all things cycling, for several years.

In 2018, I was having a tough time at work, and our friend Carol got sick, and eventually died. It was a sad time, and I stopped podcasting.

I often look back at doing the pod, and I really enjoyed it. Would I ever start it up again? Perhaps.

First year was 2015.

Ep 1, published 15 Jan 2015. Pilot episode, featuring Andrew Demack, Chris Welsh, Jordana Blackman and Nicholas O’Donnell.

Ep 2, published 21 Jan 2015. Guests include …

Folder with all the Briztreadley episodes

Andrew Demack @briztreadley